dirty apron chalk wall

a few photos from a chalk wall i did at the dirty apron cooking school and delicatessen. i love this place so much. their cooking classes are out of this world. and the deli is a great spot for breakfast and lunch. i was so beyond thrilled for the privilege to work on this in their entry way.

 becoming an expert at drawing behind stuff...
 my favourite part is the artichokes.
great to draw, not so great to cook, in my opinion. maybe i shouldn't have typed that out loud seeing as this is at a cooking school! i love eating them, out of a jar, especially the grilled ones. it's so much work to prep and cook them, for so little to eat at the end! i've heard that it's not about the artichoke at all but the butter or aioli that you dip them in. it's a vehicle to drink melted butter. Someday i'll embrace them in their fresh state.

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