first day of the year

january 1st, 2015, we packed up the family last minute to go tobogganing. so up a mountain we went to find some white stuff.
only that when we got up there, the tobogganing hills were way too scary for our boys. so we decided to build a snowman.

 here's the funny thing, the boys did not intend to build a snowman resembling olaf. considering none of them have seen frozen. yep, we somehow managed to avoid it. but the snow didn't stick. and that's the best we could do to make a round snowball.
happy new year!

gold foil

gold gold and more gold! i remember a time when gold was so not cool. not today! it's everywhere. new gold foil prints are up in the shop!

chalkboard magazine cover

completely forgot to share this, this is my latest chalk commission:
a life-sized chalkboard magazine cover at ella shoes in metrotown.

hand lettering

if you follow me on instagram, you will already know that i've been hand lettering and calligraphing up a storm. i can't believe i only started learning how to do this a year ago. i had the privilege of doing some lettering for our church. i did the lettering and the amazing design team at church did the rest of the hard work - laying it all out, designing banners posters newspaper ads you name it! little did i know where it was all going to end up! it's been a wonderful blessing to be able to use my gifts and talents to serve. this is my ultimate form of worship, God is the one who put this ability inside of me in the first place. and i'm constantly in shock seeing my hand writing blown up so big! our float in the vancouver santa claus parade was the best ever! even without the hand lettering, it was easily one of the best in the entire parade! thank you to the awesome team at coastal church for putting it all together.
if you live in the vacouver area you are not going to want to miss our church's christmas 'production' at the queen elizabeth theatre. sat dec 20 evening or sun dec 21 morning. it's free! go get tickets here!

our tree is up - 2014 edition

i had a hard time deciding what to make for this year's tree. but when i found black mini lights at ikea (thank you ikea for making black mini lights!) i knew i had to draw my favourite real christmas tree. if i was to ever choose a real tree, i want a silver tip fir. i know there's a silver tip farm way out by yosemite national park, a wee bit of a long drive from vancouver to get a christmas tree, not to mention they probably won't let me bring in back across the boarder. so if you know where i can find a silver tip fir in the greater vancouver area please let me know!
for now, i'll just draw one.
Our chalkboard Christmas tree this year:
 i drew it after the kids went to bed, not to surprise them but because i know it's going to be smudged / destroyed by end of day tomorrow. i've got my eye on the one year old.
the black mini lights are held on there with black masking tape - leftover from my archi-tourture school days. i can't believe it but that roll of tape is over 10 years old!

about a tree

my husband found this in our local grocery store today. sorry for the bad photo, i blame him!
It's pretty much a knock off of our first chalkboard tree from a few years ago:
(look at how small my big boy was!)
Anyway, since it wasn't my design to begin with, I don't think I can do anything about it. But look on the bright side, we started a trend!

this year's three little pigs project, christmas cards, and our very own online store!

it's kind of like christmas day here, because after much hard work, we finally have an 

i have been busy designing Christmas cards, those are up in the store. the gold foil cards are all done by hand by yours truly! everything is made right here! 

but more importantly, we are starting our (now annual) three little pigs fundraiser project!
this year Castle has chosen to provide school supplies to kids who need it in other countries. we are painting driftwood ornaments to raise the money!

happy shopping and happy helping!
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