beach days

here's what's going on. it's still summer. therefore, at the beach is where we will live until it's not. coming right up is a beach photo bomb. enjoy.


So I've been on a break. Hum, can't you tell?! It's been refreshing, to be away from the computer. I was finding myself wasting much time on my electronic devices, I had to push a reset button on the inside, inside my mind. I needed to re-prioritize my days, my hours, my minutes, even. I had to filter what I was doing, the decisions I was making - not the big ones, but the tiny ones, like picking up my phone to check my email, how many times a day...

I have concluded what all of us already know, that our world is full of distractions. Noises, images, things… … all the suff that we don't need. They are there, all around. I can try to cut them out but they will never go away. So I need to decide what to do when they do come flashing my way, what my actions will be. It's not the big decisions, but the tiny ones I make everyday that can really add up, or take away. You see, in my break I have found time, wonderful glorious time, time to read, time to draw, time to write, time to pray, time to play, time to think. And some times, I have found more time than I know what to do with. Imagine that!

I have also concluded that this blog of mine will continue, but maybe with a little more restraint. I'm not sure which direction it will head, I'm still trying to figure it out.

I'll be back. Soon. But now I have to go lay out Castle's uniform. First day of school tomorrow! Very exciting!!! Thank you and love to you all.


I wasn't sure how it was going to go, me with my two boys at the berry farm. I wanted to pick enough of them for a few jars of jam.
 Castle chose blackberries, and I must say it was the perfect choice. No bending over in the dirt required like strawberries. 
 I tried my best to teach him to pick only the really black plump ones.

 After about 10 minutes they were done. Castle picked about 3 handfuls, and Atlas, was not having a good time. He kept on tripping on the uneven ground. I He wanted to touch the berries but every time he stuck his little hand out he would spring back like they had thorns. It was the funniest thing to watch. So for another 5 minutes I tucked Atlas into the baby carrier and frantically tried to fill up the basket while Castle whined, "are we done?" over and over again. Oh yes we were done. 

A lunch of berries on waffle with whipped cream before we left. Apparently that was the best part.


It seems that we cannot get enough of this place. We had another tag along day trip with daddy's work. He worked and we played!
 This is Rainbow Park on Alta Lake.
 It's got views of the ski hills, um, I mean ski mountains, and a lake to play in.
 Yep, a pretty nice place.

lake days

There's no such thing as spending way too much time outside having fun, right? As I was sitting on the dock at the lake, in a perfect red Adirondack chair, enjoying my time with family, I was thinking about all that was going on outside our little perfect world. I had a sick feeling to my stomach thinking about what's been escalating in all of those war torn countries, and innocent people and children dying for their faith. It made me feel guilty about how good we have it. I'm very grateful and thankful, always, for the life that I have in this beautiful country. Many terrible things happen out of our control, all I can do is pray, for those who are less fortunate, and give thanks. Plus enjoy what I have right now, because it can all be gone tomorrow.

to blog or not to blog...

not. because it's summer. and in these parts, it's precious. and we are enjoying it. but a little recap is due, because we left you hanging without any warning.

First up, O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society. If you live in the Vancouver area I highly recommend you to go check this place out, especially during one of their open houses.
 We learned so much about all the birds that they rescue and the work that they do. We got pretty up close to some very amazing animals.

 Next up, Steveston.
 This is where you can find fishing boats selling their catch. 

 Live sea urchins for sale! Too bad we weren't going straight home, or else I would have snatched some up. One of the treats of the ocean, in my opinion.

 We stopped in this beautiful coffee shop. I love white floors. And white walls. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I had my way, my floors would be white. 
 Now we go to False Creek.
 Andrew and I took a photo here, in front of this old building, when we were dating. I didn't think it would still be standing by the time we have two kiddos. But there it is.
 Public pianos hanging out around the city, it's a good idea. And aren't those piano players super cute? ;)
 Lunch at Food Cart Fest.
The boys had cassava fries for the first time. Atlas didn't actually eat any, I don't think. He kept on dipping his in the hot salsa, licking it and saying, "umm!"

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