drawing on windows

i was back at ella shoes recently to spruce up their windows. this has been such a fun and rewarding project.

LEGOs and Fridays

my new found hobby.
 turning stuff into letters. especially into letters that spell friday.
fridays are better than Saturdays and Sundays sometimes.
because sometimes, the anticipation is better than the real thing.

new chalk

we were challenged this weekend to write down our vision for our family. first item that came to mind is seek first, always, this…
now it's on our wall. not sure how long this will be up before i get the urge to wipe it off. it's definitely a step above the rest that i've done. this was inspired by the amazing works by dangerdust.

the fancy playground

we went to check out that fancy new playground in richmond. it's called the terra nova adventure play environment. yep. that's one long fancy name for one fancy playground. our boys were a little too young for most of the play structures. but i commend them for trying. daddy, of course, got right into it.

our third child, sailor

four days ago, on saturday, october 11, 2014, we gained a child, sailor leggett. he or she is in heaven.

i want to write about my miscarriage, because i think we as a society don't talk about this subject much openly, and i think we should. it's a loss of a loved one, and unfortunately it is extremely common.
to be honest the past few days has been much easier than i thought it would be. yes we are sad and we are grieving, but i do not feel despair or hopeless.

when we found out i was pregnant again, we told our family and friends right away, we did it deliberately for such a time as this, we wanted their love and support no matter what happens. we all go through rough times in life, it is better to do it with people who love you around.

it is not anyone's fault, and there's nothing i could have done about it. so with that i decided not to go through all the scenarios in my mind about what i could have done differently to save this pregnancy.

a miscarriage no matter how early or late, is the loss of a baby, and we treated it as such. right after my miscarriage was confirmed, we named our baby. it helped us to be honest with our emotions, that we don't need to try to hold back on what we are feeling.

and finally, i gave thanks. the first thing i did when i got home from the hospital was hug and squish my children with kisses. before this i didn't realize how big of a miracle they both are, i mean, i knew, but now it's really evident. i was thankful for them, for my husband, for my family and friends, for the timing of it all to happen on a holiday weekend, so we can all have a rest day, for the sunshine that appeared as i was leaving the hospital…

we went out for dinner to celebrate. we gained a child, for eternity. and i didn't have to go through labour to do it! every child is a blessing. no, my child is not with me right now, but i'm looking forward to meeting my sailor for the first time when i get to heaven. where i get to spend eternity with her. or him. but i hope it's a her.
think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.

at dinner, it was pleasant despite the usual atlas hijinks at meal times. but we won't talk about those things. he's perfect.

drawing on walls

photos of my recent work at Ella Shoes in Metropolis at Metrotown. (such a weird long name for a gigantic mall.) anyway, here are they are for all of you family and friends who can't go see it in person. and if you can go see it in person, do stop by! i even drew on the ceiling. along with my doodles this store sells really exquisite European shoes. and in these photos you will also find one of my biggest cheerleaders. :)

emerald city

a night away sans kiddies. what?!
andrew and i have only done this one other time in the history of our little family, so we endeavoured to spend every minute doing very un-kid friendly stuff.

like a road trip, with a border crossing, with who knows how long the waiting time!
eating in small cramped restaurants with only tall bar stools!
sleeping in a tiny boutique hotel with no elevator!
going to a gallery full of fragile, expensive glass that's displayed with no railings whatsoever!
taking the stairs or escalator instead!
and since we are in the pacific northwest, i will mention the weather - it was spectacular!

oh yes, it was good.

lunch at The Whale Wins. look at those meringues!

melone and cucumber salad with onion tahini, sardines on toast with fennel, nectarine soup with corn.
staying out past sunset.
dinner at The Walrus and the Carpenter. another Renee Erickson restaurant. why go to one when you can go to both!

 we stuffed ourselves with some more pacific northwest goodness. we sat at the bar to watch all the action. i love a good kitchen view. especially right in front of the guy who shucks all the oysters.
oysters and roasted romanesco, cauliflower.

 fried oysters, salmon belly, and the most delicious clams.
(yes, i'm the lady with the giant camera taking photos of her food.)
our hotel lobby, if you can call it that.
ace hotel in beltown. we've stayed at the one in portland, OR, loved it. this location is much much smaller. but still good, if you like things different.
and last, the glass, at Chihuly Garden and Glass.

yep, pretty awesome weekend. i'm already looking forward to the next one. hopefully we don't have to wait another three years.
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