Hi there! I'm Hazel and I like to eat, travel, craft, and decorate cakes.  Some or all of these things you will find here.  I am mom to two much loved little boys, whom you will also find here. Mostly this blog of mine is just a bunch of ramblings from our everyday. 
We, our family of 4, live in Vancouver, Canada. It's a beautiful city and we feel very fortunate that we get to be here. My husband, Andrew, and I met at our church, a very awesome church. I had originally moved to Vancouver from Toronto temporarily for work as an architect, and that is how this blog got started. Instead of sending mass emails updates to friends and family back home I sent them a link to this blog. I dropped the 'temporarily' after getting engaged and married. See snippets of our wedding here.
Castle came along a year later, born 10 weeks premature. You can read all about it here. Atlas did his best to stay in longer than this big brother but not without his fair share of drama either. You can read all about that hereThanks for stopping by!


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